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Important: How Does This Work?

As we have told you, this the place to prepare something special for your friends, be it on their birthday or when they need a hug, some cheering up or just 'cause...

Basically, it could be anything:
a picspam, songs, headers, banners, icons, lyrics,homemade videos, fanfiction:fandom&rpf, pictures of you, audioposts etc.

Anything you would like to give to the person you have chosen to show them your love and appreciation of them!

We encourage all members to create a thread for any of their friends need cheering up or loving and make all comments screened. It could work like a meme! <3

**This way everyone replies but the person in question cannot see what's in the thread or if it's about her/him.

So pm your friends and let them know about the thread you have created about your friend, so that they can contribute!

Should you need anything from clarification, to inspiration to help, you can contact the moderators.

About xShow The Lovex

Welcome to xShowTheLovex
This community was based on an idea Marty&Kelly had where everyone of our friends in LJ needs loving and hugs.

You can find more info about what this is about HERE

Information about how this works: HERE

Make sure you post the username of the person you are doing this for: Here

[x]Suggestions-Questions: Here

The community is still under construction but you are all more than welcome to join! :)

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